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“I am really blessed with the
Bible. Thank you so much for the
bible. Here in Fiji it is very expensive
to buy the bibles. You are
doing the great work. May God
bless you richly.”

“I am Ivan Senfuka in Uganda, in
my life I had never got a bible as
my own, so I thank you people
may God bless you so much. It
amazes me how young your children
are doing this good work.
How can I be a part of this?”

“Dear in Christ I am very much
blessed by your commitment
to spread the gospel and this is
very encouraging for me as I am
a pastor from the remote part
of Himalaya, I thank God for the
vision of these children may God
bless you. You are doing very
good work”
– Thanks Pastor Pankaj Mishra

“My name is Adugna Hussine.
I am from Ethiopia. When I first
look you are giving bible freely.
I am surprised. Because no free
things in this world. May God
bless you. You are doing the best
of all as the bible is God’s word.
Noting can compare”.

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